Diary filling up fast? Here’s why bulk buying beads wholesale online today can save you time

It’s not just the days that get shorter around this time of year. As the festive season approaches it can feel like the weeks are flying by and, naturally, it can be trickier to manage your time effectively.

But it can also be a great time of year to expand your business and reach out to new customers. Christmas craft fairs and shopping events are now so popular that some take place as early as the first few weeks of November. If you have a stall booked at an event within the next few weeks, you’ll want to make sure you have enough stock to meet demand. So if you use silicone beads, bulk ordering is a good idea at this time of year.

Why bulk buy?

For any small business, particularly one that’s just starting out, the idea of bulk buying can seem daunting. Having so much of your money tied up in stock may not be the best idea during quieter periods, especially as you have the time to visit a bead shop to restock on a regular basis, but remember that this a busy time of year, so you can expect your merchandise to shift much faster. The last thing you want is to sell out at one event, then not have time to reorder supplies in time for the next big date in your calendar.

Remember you can get a bulk discount at online bead stores

Ordering your beads wholesale online won’t only save you precious time – meaning you have more time to make new stock and prepare it for sale – you can also make some great cost savings. Why not check out the latest wholesale bead supplies available from Silicone Bead Supplies? Remember that the bigger your order, the greater the overall discount you will receive.

Why you should get back to beading after the school holidays

If you’re a busy Mum, you’ll understand the hectic nature of the six-week summer holidays all too well. Whilst the teachers were rejoicing over their much-needed time off, you were probably stressed, and trying to come up with new ways to entertain your little ones. In this busy spell of entertainment, it is also likely that you didn’t have much time to yourself to invest in your craft business.

Here we discuss a few reasons why the time following the school holidays is the perfect opportunity to return to your silicone beading start-up once again.


Undertaking this creative activity gives you the downtime that you have been missing out on. With a quiet house, you are free to sit down and enjoy crafting new designs. Give yourself time to recharge and refresh by concentrating on a single activity, rather than trying to do multiple things at once – a habit that can be hard to break when you have children.

Gift your children

As much as you are glad to send your children back to school and return to a sense of normality, it won’t be long before you miss their company during the day. Why not put a smile on your child’s face by presenting them with a handmade gift after a long day at school? This is a great way to test new designs before making them available to your customers, and with many bead suppliers offering a choice of beads that are BPA free, you can rest assured the gifts are safe, as well as look great.

Enhance your appearance

The wealth of online bead stores offers endless possibilities when it comes to creating beautiful new designs. You’ve probably spent your summer with your hair scraped back wearing the same jumper too many times than you care to admit. Indulge in some self-care, unleash your inner designer and create bracelets, necklaces and more to enhance your own appearance. This a great way to promote your business, and you can extend this positivity to other mums by selling your designs online.

If you’re looking for beads for sale online, look no further than Silicone Bead Supplies. We are experienced silicone bead suppliers and have a wide range of options to enable you to make your jewellery start-up a success.

Use colour psychology with your silicone bead creations

Kids love colourful silicone beads, but they’ll love them even more if you know which colours are best to use. All children have different preferences when it comes to colour, but colour psychology has some ideas on how different ones affect their moods.


Using blue beads will stimulate your child’s creativity while encouraging them to relax. This means that blue silicone teething beads are ideal for calming babies during this stressful time when they might be in pain.


A strong, passionate colour, children often respond well to red, which can make them energised and ready for play. Red beads are great for dress-up jewellery when children are using their imaginations, but pink is a softer alternative that many young girls may prefer.


Bright and sunny, children love yellow as it makes them happy. But yellow also promotes learning and intelligence, so why not use yellow silicone beads to help children study and count? Too much yellow can cause stress, however, so make sure your yellow beads aren’t in a room that already has yellow as a theme.


Not unlike yellow, orange has been proven to give children a memory boost, which is why it often features in exam rooms. Using orange beads as part of fun games to test children’s memories could be a real boost to their learning.


Often associated with nature, green can make children feel better when they’re under the weather. No matter if it’s a cold or they’re just feeling a little tired, a relaxing green bracelet may remind them that everything will be ok in the end.

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If you have any questions about the silicone beads we stock and available colours, get in touch with the team. Browse our bead shop and discover the best silicone beads for sale online today.

Silicone Bead Craft Ideas

Though a lot of our silicone beads are used as teething necklaces for little sprogs, that isn’t all they can be used for! If you’re starting a craft business but aren’t sure what you want to make with silicone beads, here are a few ideas.


We briefly mentioned that you can make silicone teething necklaces, but they don’t have to be used like that! Our bead store sells a rich variety of beads in various sizes, shapes and colours, meaning that you can create a diverse range of necklaces to catch your customers’ eyes.


Not everyone fancies wearing a necklace though. We offer a large selection of beads for sale online, spanning from 9mm to 19mm, so you can make a range of slim and chunky bracelets to sell on Etsy.


Perhaps you don’t fancy making jewellery. Perhaps you would rather sell a lovely keyring. That’s a great idea! Simply attach a few beads that attract your attention to some string, and tie it to a keyring. If you went to Brownies, Scouts or anywhere similar and learnt a load of fancy knots, try combining them with the beads for an amazingly rustic look.

Rattle ring

This last one is for all the parent business-owners out there. You’re already selling teething necklaces, and you want to try something new. We’ve got you! Simply act as if you were fashioning a bracelet out of our silicone beads and, before tying, slip a couple of our donuts onto it. We follow the EN71-1 regulations to ensure all of our products are completely safe.

Whatever you decide to do, be bold and stick to it. If you’re starting up, why not try buying a selection of our beads wholesale? It’ll save you time and money!

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What To Feed Teething Babies

Teething babies are often irritable due to the discomfort they are feeling. To help alleviate their pain, it is important to give them something to chew on like silicone teething beads, as well as a variety of food that is easy to eat.

If your teething baby gets picky when it comes to mealtime, here are some comforting and nutritious foods you can offer them.

Cold foods

Try making smoothies out of chilled fruits, cold yoghurt and hummus. If your baby already enjoys eating solid food, you can also give them frozen fruits like bananas and peaches, which they can gnaw on until they get mushed. It is also a great idea to freeze your breastmilk in ice cube trays and put them in mesh feeders. The cool sensation can minimise the pain on your baby’s gums.

Foods to suck

Sucking motions can also soothe your baby’s sensitive gums. You may put cold chunks of fruit into a mesh feeder before handing it to your baby. Rice cakes, topped with mashed avocado, hummus and other pureed vegetables will also be a great treat.

Hard foods

Some babies feel better when pressure is applied to their gums. As such, you can try feeding them little pieces of solid food like homemade teething biscuits. Avoid giving your baby biscuits that are bought from stores since they often contain sugar.

Soft, mushy foods

If your baby doesn’t like to chew or gnaw, you could offer them thick soup, yoghurt or apple sauce. You can also give them softer food like watermelon, which doesn’t require extensive chewing.

Silicone Bead Supplies offers our clients the latest food grade silicone beads, as well as a range of teething accessories. Our products are made from non-toxic materials so you can rest assured that they are safe for your babies. For any enquiries and bulk orders, please fill out this contact form or email us directly at info@siliconebeadsupplies.co.uk.

Benefits of Silicone Teething Accessories

Benefits of Silicone Teething Accessories

Silicone teething accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and rings are a major trend. These tiny silicone beads strung onto a thread and worn on the neck or wrist of the mum helps alleviate the baby’s teething pain by gnawing on them. Aside from being absolutely adorable, they come with a number of benefits.

1. Safe

Silicone teething accessories offer unmatched safety. These rings and necklaces are made from non-toxic materials, ensuring the highest standard of products. It is also important to note that silicone teething accessories are completely hypoallergenic, hygienic and resistant to bacteria.

2. Easy to Clean

Cleaning silicone teething accessories don’t require a lot of effort. Just run them under warm water with soap or pop them in the top shelf of your dishwasher. It is advisable to wash it daily or every time the accessory comes in contact with the ground to keep it clean.

3. Increased Awareness and Engagement

Since the mum wears the necklace and not the baby, the child will be making eye contact with the mum more often whilst using the teether. This helps encourage appropriate grabbing and gnawing.

4. Versatile

Before using, you can put your silicone teething accessories, such as teethers, in the refrigerator. This allows the soft silicone to cool down, making it extra soothing for baby’s aching gums.

5. Fashionable

Wearing a traditional teether as a bracelet may not be ideal for everyone. However, these fashionable silicone teething accessories may change their mind. Available in attractive colours, patterns and shapes, this accessory is the definition of form meeting function.

Silicone Bead Supplies are dedicated to providing our customers with the latest high-quality silicone beads and accessories in a wide variety of colours. Every product that we offer is free from BPA, PVC and phthalates, contain no lead, cadmium or heavy metals, and are hygienic, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. If you have any question, query or just need some advice we are glad to help. Please fill in the contact form or email us directly at info@siliconebeadsupplies.co.uk.


Signs That Tell Your Baby Is Teething

Signs That Tell Your Baby Is Teething

All babies are different, some will get their first tooth at 3 months others nearer to a year old. It’s understandable to worry about your little one but keep in mind that both of you can get through this milestone as long as you know the signs to look out for and the home remedies that can relieve your child’s teething discomfort.

We have listed below a few symptoms to tell whether your new child’s first tooth is finally emerging:

Drooling is normally stimulated by teething so fasten on a bib to keep him or her more comfortable and carefully wipe the chin throughout the day to avoid a teething rash.Teething rashes.The constant drip of your little one’s saliva may cause redness, chapping and rashes around his or her mouth, chin and even neck. Simply patting the drool away can help prevent this or consider a skin cream prescribed by your paediatrician.Swollen gums.

If you see an area on your baby’s gums that appear to be swollen, try to gently rub your finger, if there is a slight bump, it’s where the tooth will soon emerge.Biting.

Babies often try to alleviate teething discomfort by chewing and biting on whatever they can find. At this point, consider wearing a silicone bead teething necklace or offer them a teether that is certified and safe to use.Ear pulling and cheek rubbing.

Your baby may create another counter pressure to ease the pain of teething by pulling and rubbing at his or her ear, cheek or chin. This is more of a baby’s administered self-massage.

Silicone Bead Supplies continue to endeavour to provide our customers with the latest in high-quality silicone beads and accessories, as well as to deliver a fast and efficient service at all times. We keep on expanding our shop which means that our clients can have the best selection of beads for their own unique creations. Browse through our website to start shopping now or send us your enquiries by completing this form.

What Type of Teething Necklace Should I Buy for My Baby?

What Type of Teething Necklace Should I Buy for My Baby?

Teething necklaces can help your child get through the painful stage of teething while having lots of fun. But before hoarding every teething toy you set eyes on, check out these important points that will help you choose the best and the safest teething necklaces and toys for your precious little one.

Stylish teething necklaces for moms

To prevent the risk surrounding the use of teething necklaces, it is highly recommended to shop for teething necklaces for mums to wear. This way, there is no chance that your baby will be munching on the colourful silicone teething beads without your supervision.

Safe teething necklaces that are free from harmful materials and chemicals

Be meticulous about the materials when shopping for teething necklaces. Since your baby will be putting it inside their mouth, the likelihood of exposure to harmful substances is high. Opt for safe teething necklaces made of food-grade silicone beads and untreated wooden beads. It is best that you steer clear of plastic teething necklaces even if they say it is BPA-free just to stay on the side of caution and to only buy from trusted silicone bead suppliers.

DIY teething necklaces

Another concern that parents should consider is the sturdiness of the teething necklace. Since the child will tug on it, most of the time, poor-quality teething necklaces made of cords that break easily should be a big no-no, as your child may put the loose beads into their mouth. Aside from looking for quality teething necklaces that can survive everyday wear and tear, you can also try creating your own DIY teething necklace using the best materials. Mums need to secure the silicone teething beads by making double knots.

Our Commitment to Your Baby’s Safety

Silicone Bead Supplies takes your child’s safety to heart. We guarantee that our silicone teething beads and teething toys are meticulously tested before production and comply with the current European Safety Standards EN71 (Parts 1, 2, and 3). Our safe teething products for babies are certified hygienic, hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant.


Silicone Beads: Why You Should Buy Wholesale

If you are running an arts and crafts business, one way of reducing your costs whilst continuously increasing your revenues is by purchasing wholesale products like silicone beads.Here we have gathered the top reasons why buying through wholesale suppliers can provide you with a range of benefits:

Easier product comparison

When you purchase wholesale merchandise, you will be presented with a wide variety of goods, giving you the opportunity to compare one product to the other. Wholesale suppliers offer these goods at a much lower charge and a higher volume, also considering that their customers will get premium quality at the least possible cost.


Compared with purchasing individual items, buying in bulk is by far the cheaper option since most wholesale suppliers offer special discounts when your order is above a certain quantity. Because it is a guaranteed sale, wholesale suppliers offer them at a lower prices which means more competitive rates for your own customers.

Simplified buying process

Running a business means you have to resolve problems promptly, especially if it will affect business process and transactions. Having the option to order with just a few clicks on your computer provides a seamless purchasing process that can greatly help your business.
Silicone Bead Supplies is considered one of the leading wholesale silicone bead suppliers in Europe. Apart from providing the latest range of silicone beads and accessories available in a wide variety of colours, we ensure that all our products always meet the European Safety Standards. Check out our bulk discount rates which will automatically be applied to your cart so there is no need for discount codes. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us by completing this formor send us an email at info@siliconebeadsupplies.co.uk.
Make Your Own Silicone Bead Teething Necklace

Make Your Own Silicone Bead Teething Necklace

If babies are in their teething stage, you can’t prevent them putting object they get a hold of inside their mouths. Because of this, silicone bead teething necklaces are a perfect option to help them alleviate the discomfort of teething. Mums can also opt for pieces that are baby friendly whilst staying fashionable at the same time.

You can search for silicone necklaces online, but they can be expensive with colours and designs which may not suit your taste, so why not try making your own? It’s very easy and you could design one that is perfect for your style.


  • Silicone beads
  • Nylon Cord
  • Breakaway clasps


  1. Thread the beads onto the nylon cord with different colours, shapes and sizes of your own liking. Tie knots on either side of the beads if you want them to stay in place. Quick tip! You can use beeswax and pull the end of the cord through it a few times to prevent fraying. Twist between your thumb and forefinger to stick the ends together.
  2. Cut the cord based on your required length once all of the beads are on. 80-85cm is a great length and just enough so you would not feel uncomfortable whenever your baby pulls on them.
  3. Thread the halves of the breakaway clasp on both sides of the cord, slide them a few inches to tie a knot at the end of the nylon then slide them back to the end and over the knot so that the knot is inside the clasp. Double loop the knot so the breakaway clasp doesn’t come off. You can also add a knot before the clasp to keep the beads from sliding down the necklace.

A gentle reminder that teething necklaces are to be worn by adults only, as there’s a risk of strangulation, so never leave your children to play with them.

Silicone Bead Supplies are committed to bringing you the latest range of silicone beads and accessories in a wide variety of colours. You can rest assured that safety is our priority and all our products are free from BPA, PVC and phthalates, contain no lead, cadmium or heavy metals and are hygienic, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria.