Tips for starting up your own bead business

Tips for starting up your own bead business

Starting up your own company can be difficult, but with hard work it’s achievable. If you’re looking to sell at your local craft fairs, Etsy, or even set up your own website the advice is similar. In this post, we’re going to share useful tips for starting up your own online bead store. We hope you find this helpful and wish you every success with setting up your own online bead store.

Buy beads wholesale online

Buying beads in bulk can later save on costs, and if you’re looking to make items with these beads such as bracelets and magnets or to sell them within your own shop, purchasing a large amount up front will make the cost of purchasing them cheaper than buying an individual bead. Bulk purchases of beads will also easily help you maintain production of your products and save you waiting for that next delivery of beads to meet your next order, as customers will be waiting. To get a wholesale discount you do need to pick up larger quantities, and then to make money on these you can sell them on yourself at a higher cost or create items with the beads. Here at silicone bead supplies, we offer automatic bulk discounts, the bigger your order- the bigger discount!

Work out what makes you stand out

If you’re looking to create a new product, find out about current crazes or even try to create your own; doing something like this can easily boost you to the top. Thinking of out of the box ideas can be a fantastic way to give you an edge and draw customers to your business. Find complimentary colours to help attract customers, colour themes are a fantastic way to help people find interest in what you sell.

Work out a pricing strategy

Once you are ready to start purchasing your beads, you need to work out how much to sell each unit for and how many you’d need to sell to make a profit. Your profit will help you achieve and see your hard work, as well as keep the business up and running. Find what kind of beads you want to sell, and compare it to existing businesses to see what it is that makes you stand out against the crowd. Once you establish what makes your bead store attractive to an audience, you will find it easy to express what makes your bead store different.

Run your own events

Sales and discounts are attractive to customers and it’s a great way to promote your beads if they are discounted. If you’re looking to discontinue an item at the end of the season or want to create a discount for loyal customers, promote these on social media can help gain more interest. A last chance opportunity to get a type of bead will encourage customers. Getting customers to your site can be easier than retaining them, so you need to excite customers and make them feel welcome to purchase from your store again.

These are our top tips for starting up your own bead business. If you’d like any more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Silicone teething jewellery could offer the perfect child-friendly job for crafty parents

Cuddles can inspire beautiful crafts

For many parents, finding work that can fit around your children can be challenging. One solution is to start up your own business from home, and for the more artistic among us, that can mean crafting.

Some parents are using their experiences of nursing their babies (whether breast or bottle) to create the jewellery they wish they could have found for their own children- fiddle necklaces, teething necklaces and other baby-friendly accessories that can make story-time and nursing more calm and gentle for everyone. 

A lot of jewellery beads are plastic- I don’t want to add to the plastic problems! 

Silicone beads can offer the perfect material for teething and fiddle jewellery, as they’re environmentally-friendly, non-plastic, BPA, phthalate and PVC free and are bacteria resistant. There are many online bead stores, but Silicone Bead Supplies offer beads wholesale and apply a discount automatically for bulk orders.

 It can be frustrating when you’re ready to start work and your favourite online bead store is out of their most popular silicone teething beads, or can’t supply a bulk order. There’s often a surge to sites offering beads for sale online at the start of term, when the kids go back to school- and again in November, in the run-up to Christmas. Canny customers will order their silicone beads in bulk, well in advance of the demand, so they can access the full range without the risk of their favourites being out of stock, or their order delayed.

Anyone can have a go at making silicone bead jewellery. Be inspired by the beautiful shapes and colours, let your imagination run wild, and show us the stunning results!

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Why You Should Always Choose BPA-Free Products for Your Children

What is BPA?

BPA or bisphenol A is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain resins and plastics since the 1960s. Today, this substance can still be found in water bottles, plastic containers, on the inside of food cans and even in till receipts, raising health concerns, especially for children.

Studies show that BPA imitates the function of the female sex hormone, oestrogen, once consumed. It has been linked to sexual maturity, prenatal development and reproduction issues. Too much exposure for a baby in the womb raises the risk of prostate cancer.

How to reduce exposure

 BPA is banned in baby bottles in the UK and the US. While this may seem reassuring, you should always choose BPA-free products, especially if you are raising young children. This includes toys, teethers and food packaging.

You can also lower your family’s vulnerability to BPA by avoiding pre-packaged food and opting for stoneware, china or glass dishes and containers. Always make it a habit to check the marketing messages and packaging of the products you’re buying. Look out for non-toxic teething toys and goods that indicate that they are ‘BPA safe’ and contain no PVC.
As one of Europe’s leading silicone bead suppliers, we ensure that we only offer our customers products that are BPA, PVC and phthalates-free, containing zero lead, cadmium or heavy metals. Try our food grade silicone beads today! Leave us a message through this form for more information about Silicone Bead Supplies.

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Teething Tips Every Parent Should Know

If your baby has been continuously drooling, chewing on objects within his or her reach and has sore gums, he or she is possibly teething. Babies typically start teething from the ages 3 months and up. They tend to be irritable and hard to settle during this period because of their throbbing gums. To help them ease their discomfort, here are some tips to consider.

Give your baby something to nibble on

To help babies ease the pain, give the child something to chew on. A cold washcloth and a chilled spoon are good teething remedies. The cold numbs the affected area whilst the pressure soothes the sore gums. Aside from this, there’s also a variety of teething accessories in the market today that are safe and non-toxic. Consider using silicone teethers or a stylish teething necklace for mums made from food grade silicone beads. 

Try a teether

Cold teething accessories can help soothe the aching gums of babies. As such, it would be a great idea if you put your teether in the refrigerator for about an hour. Before giving it to your baby, make sure that the teether is not freezing cold so he or she can handle it comfortably.

Rubbing gums

Another simple trick that works is rubbing your baby’s gums. Use a clean finger or moistened gauze pad and gently rub for a few minutes. The pressure when rubbing can soothe their aching gums.

Talk to a paediatrician

If your baby is displaying a high fever and major discomfort despite trying these remedies, visit your paediatrician immediately to have your baby checked. The doctor may prescribe medicine or teething gels that can relieve the pain of your child.

Silicone Bead Supplies offer our customers the latest high-quality silicone and wooden beads as well as a range of teething accessories. Our products are free from BPA, PVC and phthalates, contain no lead, cadmium or heavy metals and are hygienic. For any enquiries, please fill in the contact form or email us directly at