Bead Shapes & Testing Tolerences

I know I know, you ask a straight up question, ‘is this ‘insert product here’ safe to use?’ And you get the answer ‘we’ll it depends….’ Thanks for that!

Sadly that is exactly the situation we find ourselves in, testing products for children is highly variable. A bead that passes on one clip might not pass on another.

Generally speaking round beads are the safest choice but we all want to branch out and express our style in each design. So here’s a few things to consider that might help….

Novelty beads tend to be a higher risk factor in manufacturing tolerances. Not because there’s anything wrong with the bead itself but it’s harder to support an odd shaped object.

You should ensure any odd shapes or wooden beads are suitable buffeted with a supporting shape to reduce the risk of it breaking or coming dislodged.

We have developed a shapes kit to help you in the design process so you can see if a shape works for your design before you make a big investment in it.

Also our community Facebook group is a great place for getting your questions answered by us and your creative peers. We’re all here to help each other out.


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