Silicone teething jewellery could offer the perfect child-friendly job for crafty parents

Silicone bead Suppliers

Cuddles can inspire beautiful crafts

For many parents, finding work that can fit around your children can be challenging. One solution is to start up your own business from home, and for the more artistic among us, that can mean crafting.

Some parents are using their experiences of nursing their babies (whether breast or bottle) to create the jewellery they wish they could have found for their own children- fiddle necklaces, teething necklaces and other baby-friendly accessories that can make story-time and nursing more calm and gentle for everyone. 

A lot of jewellery beads are plastic- I don’t want to add to the plastic problems! 

Silicone beads can offer the perfect material for teething and fiddle jewellery, as they’re environmentally-friendly, non-plastic, BPA, phthalate and PVC free and are bacteria resistant. There are many online bead stores, but Silicone Bead Supplies offer beads wholesale and apply a discount automatically for bulk orders.

 It can be frustrating when you’re ready to start work and your favourite online bead store is out of their most popular silicone teething beads, or can’t supply a bulk order. There’s often a surge to sites offering beads for sale online at the start of term, when the kids go back to school- and again in November, in the run-up to Christmas. Canny customers will order their silicone beads in bulk, well in advance of the demand, so they can access the full range without the risk of their favourites being out of stock, or their order delayed.

Anyone can have a go at making silicone bead jewellery. Be inspired by the beautiful shapes and colours, let your imagination run wild, and show us the stunning results!

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