Did you put your eggs in the Etsy basket?

Like so many of you we were caught off guard when Etsy sent a message across the whole world yesterday to say that teething products and their component parts are now banned for sale on their site… WTF!!!

On reflection we can understand why, there are a lot of untested products floating around the market which brings down the standards across the board. However for those of us who started on Etsy, as we did, it is a devastating blow for building their businesses. We’ve maintained an Etsy presence over the last few years even with our own website because it’s a great way to generate traffic and reach out to customers who shop the handmade community.

So how do we move on?

Depends where you are in your business life cycle, but we’re here to help!

Step 1: Evaluate your safety procedures – if this has taught us anything it’s to ensure your testing protocols are beyond reproach. There’s a lot of margin for due diligence but you need the data to back it up and the peace of mind to move forward. Make sure you test your original designs, and re-test any significant modifications such as production methods, bead types, stopper types and clips especially.

Step 2: Find a new outlet – where’s good to sell?

Facebook / Instagram Shops are crazy popular right now. Pros – lots of potential customers. Cons – lots of competition for attention.

Shopify Sites – Pros – Easy to use, no technical knowledge required and lots of support. Cons – if you’re just starting out the entry price is a little higher but no per transaction fees like Etsy.

WIX/WordPress/Squares – Pros – super customisation options, loads of add ons. Cons – Requires some technical knowledge and start up costs are high.

Step 3: Remember why you started! Why did you get in to making these products? What do you love about what you do and how do your products help your customers?

You got this!

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