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Go green with silicone beading supplies

It’s 2019, and silicone is rapidly doing away with the plastic that has been a staple material in our lives, including toys, packaging, and of course, craft supplies. Silicone beading provides a great source material for people in crafting, whether they are business owners or hobbyists. That means more earth-friendly jewellery, beaded stuffed animals, clothing decorations, and more. You can even use silicone teething beads or rings for baby products.

The need to phase out plastics

For decades we have watched plastic waste pile up in our landfills and pollute the air as it burns in incinerators, and we’re slowly realising that this practice is unsustainable. The only way around it is to phase out the use of plastics in our raw product materials and packaging. And because most people now consider eco-friendliness important – and even fashionable – doing away with plastic in your products is a great way to boost your image as a craft-maker in business. But most importantly, if sustainability is one of your passions, you need to be sure your crafts are made with the most earth-friendly supplies you can find – whether you craft for business or a hobby.

Silicone makes a great alternative in crafting

You can easily swap out classic coloured plastic beads for silicone alternatives, and string them together to make a basic necklace or bracelet. This is just as easily applied to more intricate projects, such as a set of earrings or an embroidery design. The only thing you won’t be able to use them for is melting under a hot iron.

Please check out our selection of silicone beads for sale online and via wholesale, which are available in a range of colours and styles. You can also choose wooden or crochet beads, which are also great sustainable choices. And, keeping with the theme of eco-mindedness, you’ll find minimal plastic packaging when your order arrives.

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