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New Product Launch: Safety Bead

We’ve been keeping this one under wraps while it’s be going through testing but we are so excited to bring you our double hole silicone safety bead…. that’s right a silicone safety bead!

When it comes to producing dummy clips and similar products we encourage our customers to champion safety. Most of you will be using a wooden or similar non-silicone bead as your safety stopper for these projects due to the risk of silicone beads swallowing carefully placed knots.

We are pleased to be stocking these fab double hole Silicone Beads which act as the perfect safety bead for your projects. Flexible, chemically tested, and tested on a dummy chain these little beads could offer you more creativity than a standard wooden bead.

Find these in our store from Monday 25th Nov

You find out more about how to use these by following our How To Series on Dummy Clips

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