Silicone Bead Craft Ideas

Though a lot of our silicone beads are used as teething necklaces for little sprogs, that isn’t all they can be used for! If you’re starting a craft business but aren’t sure what you want to make with silicone beads, here are a few ideas.


We briefly mentioned that you can make silicone teething necklaces, but they don’t have to be used like that! Our bead store sells a rich variety of beads in various sizes, shapes and colours, meaning that you can create a diverse range of necklaces to catch your customers’ eyes.


Not everyone fancies wearing a necklace though. We offer a large selection of beads for sale online, spanning from 9mm to 19mm, so you can make a range of slim and chunky bracelets to sell on Etsy.


Perhaps you don’t fancy making jewellery. Perhaps you would rather sell a lovely keyring. That’s a great idea! Simply attach a few beads that attract your attention to some string, and tie it to a keyring. If you went to Brownies, Scouts or anywhere similar and learnt a load of fancy knots, try combining them with the beads for an amazingly rustic look.

Rattle ring

This last one is for all the parent business-owners out there. You’re already selling teething necklaces, and you want to try something new. We’ve got you! Simply act as if you were fashioning a bracelet out of our silicone beads and, before tying, slip a couple of our donuts onto it. We follow the EN71-1 regulations to ensure all of our products are completely safe.

Whatever you decide to do, be bold and stick to it. If you’re starting up, why not try buying a selection of our beads wholesale? It’ll save you time and money!

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