Silicone Beads: Why You Should Buy Wholesale

If you are running an arts and crafts business, one way of reducing your costs whilst continuously increasing your revenues is by purchasing wholesale products like silicone beads.Here we have gathered the top reasons why buying through wholesale suppliers can provide you with a range of benefits:

Easier product comparison

When you purchase wholesale merchandise, you will be presented with a wide variety of goods, giving you the opportunity to compare one product to the other. Wholesale suppliers offer these goods at a much lower charge and a higher volume, also considering that their customers will get premium quality at the least possible cost.


Compared with purchasing individual items, buying in bulk is by far the cheaper option since most wholesale suppliers offer special discounts when your order is above a certain quantity. Because it is a guaranteed sale, wholesale suppliers offer them at a lower prices which means more competitive rates for your own customers.

Simplified buying process

Running a business means you have to resolve problems promptly, especially if it will affect business process and transactions. Having the option to order with just a few clicks on your computer provides a seamless purchasing process that can greatly help your business.
Silicone Bead Supplies is considered one of the leading wholesale silicone bead suppliers in Europe. Apart from providing the latest range of silicone beads and accessories available in a wide variety of colours, we ensure that all our products always meet the European Safety Standards. Check out our bulk discount rates which will automatically be applied to your cart so there is no need for discount codes. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us by completing this formor send us an email at

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