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Tell me about CE Marking?

There’s loads of conflicting information out there, and let’s face it the standards documents aren’t exactly page turners! But when it comes to safety we as creatives need the peace of mind that what we are putting out therein the world is safe.

By now you are probably part of one of our Facebook groups on the subjects we specialise in, if not go ahead and check them out. They are a fantastic source of free and real life information from our community. Tried and tested methods and general support. Some of these guys have been doing this a long time and have a great wealth of knowledge.

Dummy Clip, Teething Toy & Pram Garlands Group

SBS Creative Community

In addition to the community, the awesome team over at Satra are hosting a free online webinar about CE marking next week, 29th sept. You can sign up over on their website¬†and I think as with all their resources you’ll find it super helpful.

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