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Use colour psychology with your silicone bead creations

Kids love colourful silicone beads, but they’ll love them even more if you know which colours are best to use. All children have different preferences when it comes to colour, but colour psychology has some ideas on how different ones affect their moods.


Using blue beads will stimulate your child’s creativity while encouraging them to relax. This means that blue silicone teething beads are ideal for calming babies during this stressful time when they might be in pain.


A strong, passionate colour, children often respond well to red, which can make them energised and ready for play. Red beads are great for dress-up jewellery when children are using their imaginations, but pink is a softer alternative that many young girls may prefer.


Bright and sunny, children love yellow as it makes them happy. But yellow also promotes learning and intelligence, so why not use yellow silicone beads to help children study and count? Too much yellow can cause stress, however, so make sure your yellow beads aren’t in a room that already has yellow as a theme.


Not unlike yellow, orange has been proven to give children a memory boost, which is why it often features in exam rooms. Using orange beads as part of fun games to test children’s memories could be a real boost to their learning.


Often associated with nature, green can make children feel better when they’re under the weather. No matter if it’s a cold or they’re just feeling a little tired, a relaxing green bracelet may remind them that everything will be ok in the end.

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