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What To Feed Teething Babies

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Teething babies are often irritable due to the discomfort they are feeling. To help alleviate their pain, it is important to give them something to chew on like silicone teething beads, as well as a variety of food that is easy to eat.

If your teething baby gets picky when it comes to mealtime, here are some comforting and nutritious foods you can offer them.

Cold foods

Try making smoothies out of chilled fruits, cold yoghurt and hummus. If your baby already enjoys eating solid food, you can also give them frozen fruits like bananas and peaches, which they can gnaw on until they get mushed. It is also a great idea to freeze your breastmilk in ice cube trays and put them in mesh feeders. The cool sensation can minimise the pain on your baby’s gums.

Foods to suck

Sucking motions can also soothe your baby’s sensitive gums. You may put cold chunks of fruit into a mesh feeder before handing it to your baby. Rice cakes, topped with mashed avocado, hummus and other pureed vegetables will also be a great treat.

Hard foods

Some babies feel better when pressure is applied to their gums. As such, you can try feeding them little pieces of solid food like homemade teething biscuits. Avoid giving your baby biscuits that are bought from stores since they often contain sugar.

Soft, mushy foods

If your baby doesn’t like to chew or gnaw, you could offer them thick soup, yoghurt or apple sauce. You can also give them softer food like watermelon, which doesn’t require extensive chewing.

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