When BoJo dropped the news……

The nice thing about everyone working from home is that the whole team is able to get involved with our blog and share their experiences. Here’s one from Claire……

So on Friday last week Bo Jo turns all parents’ lives upside with the ‘schools closed’ bombshell. Like most, I knew it was coming at some point but was still completely unprepared and rushed straight to Poundland and Hobbycraft (socialising distancing of course!) with the rest of the stressed out parents to find resources and helpful workbooks to try to fill the ‘foreseeable future’. Wondering how I was supposed to teach Year 4, Year 1 and a preschool syllabus! Whether you usually work from home, are a stay at home parent or work in the office, I think it’s safe to stay (unless you’re a teacher) this is going to be testing.
My husband is a key worker so the prospect of having to home school 3 children alone is scary. Day 2 and the kids are still alive (so am I!) and I think I’m doing an ok job. I know some days will be better than others but I’m going to embrace it. I read a post the other day that the children aren’t going to remember much about the Corona virus in the future, but they will remember how we dealt with it. There are so many great Facebook pages with lots of hints and tips and so many You Tube channels that are supplying resources for free or offering a months free subscription (plus who doesn’t want to start the day with the Body Coach :-)) that maybe this home schooling won’t be too bad after all.
Stay safe all and remember, every day in ‘lockdown’ is one day closer to this being over.

  • by Claire

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